Traditional Radio Sucks.

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Traditional Radio Sucks.

Post by Herb Roflcopter » Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:52 pm

(Since this table seems to be dead, I thought I'd liven it up a little with my own rant.)

Anyway, traditional radio sucks!

I've been on the planet so long, I'm tired of all the same stuff I've been hearing consistently for 47 years. I'm always on the lookout for stuff that I missed the first time around, and discovering old gems I never heard before or haven't for decades that I can now appreciate is one of the few joys I have left in life.

With that said, why does every radio station that claims "an extensive playlist" only play one song by an artist/group that had multiple hits in their day?

If you never lived in the 80's, and you listened to retro pop stations, you would have thought The Fixx was a one-hit wonder.

But let's talk about the real crime here: I live in a world where Billy Joel gets the most airplay, even more than Michael Jackson or Madonna, who were giants in their day. When the fuck did this happen?

During the course of a month, I tracked how many times I would hear a Joel song on the radio five days a week, randomly changing stations when I would travel for work.

I heard about 100 songs, averaging 25 a week. (Not 100 different songs, just the same half-dozen piles of garbage every oldies radio station plays.)

For the record, I USED to be a fan of Billy Joel. Then, I spent nine years working at a place where the guy next to me listened to classic rock.

Do you know how many goddamn times I have heard "Piano Man"???

More than enough!!!

One day I had all I could take, and the chain reaction that occurred spread to all his music. Now I see him for the fraud he is.

Chicago radio, you can lick my balls.

And for the capper, I give you this:

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