Vintage-themed photography

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Vintage-themed photography

Post by AeroDillo MkII » Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:09 am

I recall - possibly in error - that once upon a time we had a similar thread. Could be yourself, friends, landscapes, interiors, action shots...whatever, so longs as the subject had a certain throwback appeal. So as not to murder internet connections I'd suggest keeping it to one image per post, image size not to exceed 800x600, and probably tack on a short description.

So in the interest of either reviving or kicking off the second go around, I'll throw this one out.

IMG_1033 (2).JPG

A couple of my heathens at the last WWI reenactment. The gun is a restored French M1897 field gun in 75mm. The spoked wheel to the immediate left is its ammunition caisson, and what you can't see through the smoke is the Nash Quad that dragged it all up the hill for the show, the museum's reconstructed trench network and infantry within, or a fairly rare operable Renault FT-17 tank (in which another of my heathens got to ride as gunner).

But artillery's my program and I liked the effect of the empty casing still in flight, so I went with this one. 8-)

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