Arcade Memories.

Tell us all about your video games, cheat codes, systems, and other ways you spend countless hours.
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Arcade Memories.

Post by Herb Roflcopter » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:09 am

This thread is for any memories you want to share about video arcades.

My first post is about a game I would normally not ever bothered playing, except that my daughter took an interest in it- which was slightly unsettling, given its horrific nature:


We encountered this game at Galloping Ghost (the arcade 10 minutes from my house) and my daughter, who was only about 9 at the time, wanted to play it. I had been steering her towards games with a less violent nature, such as Burgertime or Ms. Pac-Man, but she insisted.

We kicked the crap out of that game, and I won't lie- it felt pretty awesome standing next to your only child blowing away walking nightmares with heavy firepower. There was no fallout afterwards (no waking up screaming at night from bad dreams) and I believe the reason why is because there's something empowering about a child being able to destroy something that would have put her in therapy for years. Just my theory, of course. :)

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